Build, Train and Deploy Artificial Neural Networks
Import Your Data to Instantly Create, Train and Deploy a Unique Neural Network
AI Builder Express Features
AI Builder Express is a simple and intuitive application that instantly builds a neural network based on your imported training data. Various configuration controls allow adding additional processing power as well as direct manipulation of the learning algorithm parameters to optimize training. Use to learn, or use to export for integration to your application.
Import Your Data to Instantly Produce Custom Neural Network
Import your data to automatically construct an artificial neural network with all requisite connections - data inputs, middle layer and output decisions. Train with a button click.
Use Step by Step Wizards to Simplify the Process
Building, training, texting and deploying a custom neural network is a straight forward process when engaged as single steps. Follow the wizard screens to complete the process.
Leverage Intuitive Color Coding and Naming
With large input sets, leverage the visual tuning and analytical feedback of the interface to assist in completing the training process. Color coding and tuning conventions greatly facilitate success.

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A Closer Look at AI Builder Express
Intuitive Graphical Interface
Intuitive user interface makes it easy to build, modify, train and experiment with a custom neural network. Use controls to navigate the training data and visually see resulting computed decision..
Export Resulting Training Matrix
Once the neural network is trained, you can export the resulting training matrix which details the final output values for each of the feature vectors. Highlighting the winning identity/pattern by displaying all scores with winner at right..