TinMan Platform Overview
The TinMan AI Development Platform lets you visually build, simulate, test and integrate intelligent systems into your host applications for deployment across various devices and environments. With our flagship application, AI Builder at its core, and TinMan RealTime to interface, the foundation of applications provides the developer or scientist with the framework and services necessary to get at, visualize and process live sensor data while at the same time building and interacting with the actual intelligent engine which is simultaneously controlling the system. See video example of the platform in action - at bottom of this page.

The platform provides the computing components and resources to connect with and control virtual or physical systems. This enables an extremely efficient approach / methodology that significantly reduces time and cost in development and deployment of intelligent systems.
TinMan Systems Platform Design
Simple Illustration of TinMan Real-time Intelligent Systems Design (click to enlarge)

The Software Applications

With AI Builder and TinMan RealTime providing the primary elements to connect with, design and control intelligent systems, TinMan Systems provides a growing suite of complimentary applications that provide critical and time-saving functionality to the overall process. For instance, the Satellite Sender utility provides the ability to read CSV data files line by line at any sample rate and send those samples via UDP to any IP address and port for further processing. This enables a virtualization of recorded sensor data to enable multiple passes at the same set of circumstances for tweaking an autonomous decision making system. For information on the other applications either click on the respective boxes or send us an email to support@tinmmansystems.com for detailed information.
Visually Build and Deploy Intelligent Systems

Version: 3.1
Download Demo

Real-time Sensor Data Access, Visualization and Control

Version: 2.1
Download Demo

Build Identity Signatures for Biometric Systems

Version: 1.0
Download Demo

Build and Deploy a Single Artificial Neural Network

Version: 2.2
Download Demo

Send Logged Sensor Data Live Wirelessly via UDP

Version: 1.2
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Receive and Log Data Live Wirelessly via UDP

Version: 1.0
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Review the various applications and their respective roles and release dates in the images above. Click on a box to proceed to the product page for more information, to download a trial or purchase. 

What does the TinMan Platform Do?

The TinMan Software Platform essentially provides 3 primary functional capabilities: 1) Real-time remote sensor data access, parsing, fusion and visualization, 2) Real-time visual design, testing, simulation and deployment of intelligent systems and 3) pattern recognition and digital signatures design , testing and deployment. Each of the TinMan Software applications provides inter-operable and unique capability for developing and deploying smart systems efficiently.

Platform Key Features:

  • Intuitive Visual Design, Simulation and Test Environments
  • Abstracted, Intuitive Models of Logic and Computation with System Module Re-use and Sharing
  • Functionality to Embed and Test Expert Knowledge (patterns, memory, neural network components, etc..,)
  • Real-time Sensor Data Linkage - to and from host system - to Confirm Behavior and Efficiencies in Execution
  • Runtime Module for Integration into Host System

The first step in building intelligence for systems is to have access to real-time sensor data. Visualization in conjunction with making decisions in response to this data is the second. The third and perhaps most important step in the design process is to send live commands back to the system for live operation. These three fundamental processes form a complete dynamic feedback loop - but in the lab. And this is where the time-consuming work is done. The TinMan platform of applications seeks to address these processes with seamless integrated operation on the same desktop or distributed across desktops within a network. To read more about the underlying technology of the flagship application AI Builder, go here TECHNOLOGY.
Video example: Watch an AI System in AI Builder 2.1 control an aircraft in the flight simulation program 'XPlane-10' autonomously and listen to the AI system talk us through its actions. This AI system was developed in AI Builder in about 2 hours. It is just an example of what is possible.

In this case, there are over 130 sensors on the aircraft sending data at about 100 samples per second through RealTime into AI Builder to process in making its flight management decisions at about 30 times per second. Those aircraft operating decisions are then sent as commands to the aircraft via TinMan RealTime.

Notice the simulated live pilot physiology data streaming in. The intelligent system makes continuous decisions base on this physiological data also as it flies the aircraft.

This video shows 3 runs from different perspectives, each focusing on AI Builder, TinMan RealTime, or the simulator.
For details on the underlying technology of AI Builder, please visit the Technology Overview page.

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